Repair Shop Virginia Motorrad Werkstatt
Engine Airhead oil filter systems
Airhead oil pans & dipsticks
Airhead rocker arms
Oilhead valve adjustment
Spin-on oil filters for later models (draft)
K water pumps
Transmission, clutch, final drive Throwout bearings & clutch pushrods
Airhead transmissions and circlip problem
R1100 5-speed transmissions
R/K12 6-speed transmissions
Paralever analysis
K75/100 final drive removal
Mineral oil in clutch systems
Gearing comparisons
Monolever/Paralever final drives
EVO final drive inspection
Driveshaft notes
Clutch Splines part 1 and part 2
Fuel system R1100GS tank crossover tube
Airhead gas caps
Carb cleaning
40mm carb information
Airhead intake elbows and grommets
R11xx throttle bodies
Motronic systems
Oilhead valve adjustment
K75 fuel tank variations
Fuel tank and hose info
Wheels & brakes R1100 master cylinder rebuild
Airhead master cylinders
ABS2 operation and ABS faults
BMW alloy wheels
Bearing crossreference
Brake replacement options (old)
Wheel balancing equipment
Drum brake systems
Frame, forks, other BMW hardware
Forks: R100GS | K11 | early R11S | 41mm
Control cable chart
Airhead throttle components
R1150 Throttle cable upgrade
Steering head bearing adjustment
Lock cylinders (some Airheads, too)
BMW bearing crossreference
BMW special tools
R100GS/R seats
How-to, miscellaneous
R1100 FAQ (in infancy)
Electrical Airhead ignition and charging systems
Motronic systems
CAN-Bus systems (OTL 2006)
Starters: Valeo and Bosch (not mine, but good)
R11xx/R12C alternator belts
Battery tech
Basic electronics practice
Powerpole connectors
Airhead "Euro" headlight switch (draft)
R1100 alternator rattle (rare)
Articles Torque and horsepower
First endurance rally? Tips.
Group ride stuff
Slow riding
Reserve lights vs. petcocks
Safety switches
Product reviews
Bikes K75RT
- Windshields
- RT conversion
- Fairing repair
- K75 and K100 model history

R100GS history
- R100GSPD (Swamp Thing)
- Ocala GS ride
- Paralever and driveshaft info

'79 RT/RS thing (ain't no thing yet)
R75/5 race bike
Stories Alaska trip 2003
Big Dog 2002
Back Seat Rider
Biker Brotherhood
Capitol 1000 '98
Deer Strike
Rain Ride
Rausch Swamp (humor)
Saddlesore 1000
Square Route Rally '98
Other Hobie 16 | Jetta TDI
Recoding VW ECUs
Diesel motor oil woes in the early years
Motorcycle trailers
Various used parts for sale
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Admiral Farragut Academy
Vino | Canon EOS lens database
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