Anton's Hobie 16 pages

Here are some resources and notes I've developed as a result of sailing Hobies on and off since the early '90s.

Model Year History - There were constant improvements to the boats, and many of them can be retrofitted to older boats to extend their functionality. This is crowdsourced info so please feel free to contribute.

Fast setup - I don't want to spend unnecessary time at the boat ramp, so I try to spend less than 20 minutes on setup and takedown. Ideally less than 15, but I'm not there yet.

Miracle 20 tiller connector upgrade/repair - If your new tiller connectors are loose, here's why. And how you fix them.

Hobie 1793 Custom Tiedown system - description of kit contents and comments

Hobie 14709 Trapeze Return Rig System - description of kit contents and comments

Hobie 2091 H16 Power Pak - description of kit contents and comments

Self-tacking jib by Filip Kuijken

Hobie 16 tuning guide by Gavin Colby (external link)

Aftermarket sails: Forward Sailing (Switzerland) and Whirlwind (USA)

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York River