Have you been to the End of the Road?

This project accumulates signs marking the end of a major road, secondary road (state routes or larger) or road of interest otherwise. Sorry - County roads don't qualify!! Unless they are famous for some reason. Sign has to say "END" or equivalent. Send them to me and mention where they were taken and by whom, and I'll post them here. Ideally, the picture shows the sign in good enough resolution to clip it down to 300x225, but the entire picture should show some context about the surroundings. No, my pictures aren't perfect!

US1, in Key West FL.
CA36, an awesome riding road, where it
ends at 101 near Fortuna.
The eastern end of I-4, where it intersects
I-95 at Daytona FL.
Idaho 128, near Lewiston.
The Alcan, at Delta Junction AK.
Idaho 1, near Copeland.
Dempster Highway, above the Arctic Circle where
the McKenzie river meets the Arctic Ocean.
US33, ending at US20 near South Bend, IN. The other end is near Richmond, VA.
US41 in Michigan. The other end is in Florida.