Old Time and Bluegrass music

The local scene

Venues Bands

Blue Moon Diner

C-ville coffee (pretty bad website)

Devil's Backbone (Nellysford)

Pippin Hill winery (North Garden, no music details on website now)

Grand Junction (Stony Point, no real website but try this)

Ragged Mountain String Band

Bent Mountain Trio

Don't Tell Darlings (inactive)

Lulu & the Virginia Creepers (inactive)



There is an old-time jam session every Monday evening 7PM, at the Unitarian (?) church on Rugby Avenue at Fendall Ave, hosted by Pete Vigour and CFOOT. Also there is a Wayneboro jam on Tuesdays (no details).

Sheet music

Practice at Henley Orchard
Playing at Henley Orchard
We're also on Youtube!

Most old-time tunes are in the public domain. I've been using MuseScore to recreate scores for tunes that are not in the Fiddler's Fakebook or were needed in a different key. Here they are in MuseScore format, as well as in PDF (some are formatted like a Fakebook page) and some links to MIDI files. Many are works in progress!

Key Title Single Multi
D Winder's Slide Play Open with MuseScore Open with MuseScore Download PDF
D Needle case Open with MuseScore
D Cherokee Shuffle (two parts) Download PDF
D Folding Down the Sheets Play Open with MuseScore Open with MuseScore Download PDF
D Maggots in the Sheepshide  
D Spotted Pony Play Open with MuseScore
D Sadie at the Back Door Play Open with MuseScore Download PDF
D Duck River Open with MuseScore
D Forked Deer Play Open with MuseScore
G Turkey in the Straw Play Open with MuseScore Open with MuseScore Download PDF
D Five Miles from Town Open with MuseScore
A Jenny ran away in the mud in the night Play Open with MuseScore Download PDF
D Sal's got mud between her toes Play
D Chuck in the Bush Play Open with MuseScore Download PDF Play in iTunes  
D Oh dem Golden Slippers Open with MuseScore Download PDF  
D Big Rock Candy Mountain Open with MuseScore Download PDF  
  Ballad of Jed Clampett Open with MuseScore  
  Pig Ankle Rag Play  
G Irish Washerwoman (4 parts) Play Download PDF Video link  

Some practice recordings:

Some other recordings:

Still need to work on:

Still need to find:

Sheet music links

Tabs from Banjo Hangout and Banjo Hollow, and Fiddle Hangout

Easy bluegrass banjo tabs-easybluegrassbanjo.wordpress.com

John Lamancusa's Collection of tunes on Penn State website (probably the best single resource)

Hetzler's Fakebook - over 500 songs

Traditional Music Library - this site is awkward to navigate but there is a lot of content. Use the search.

Abba Moses fiddle tunes

The Bluegrass College - Fakebook for six different instruments, but not that many songs

Jake Satterfield - hard to find lyrics (the only ones on the internet!)

Brief history of the Goodtime banjo