Aftermarket and OE brake replacement options for BMW motorcycles.

This info comes from years of emails that I've saved.  If you have something to add or correct, please let me know.  I can't verify all of it on an ongoing basis so some of it is bound to be outdated.


HE (Germany) has 320mm semi-floating brake disk, mounting ring and caliper adapter.€ 225

Stock BMW R100GS floating rotor 34 11 2 311 198

Stock BMW R100GS solid rotor 34 11 2 310 143,  about $190.

Spiegler offers conversion of existing R100GS rotor.


TAW (888-235-0910) carried Brembo and Discacciati rotors, $220 each (complete) for the K75 in 285mm size and they can get Discacciati in 300mm for $250. However, they don't have a caliper relocation kit as would be needed for the 300mm conversion.

Braking USA

EBC - standard floating rotors for about $200

Stock BMW rotors, $188

Galfer rotors: $190 each.EBC: $160-ish last time I knew (these were what I bought before).


Many different versions for R1100 models by Grimeca (from Motobins)


Braking USA has a dead website.

Brembo has little of interest on their website, but lists distributors.

Discacciati - can't find a website for them.

EBC - rotors and pads for just about every Beemer (no 320mm EVO rotors in 2003 catalog).

Ferodo - you can look for real information here, I gave up.

Galfer - website at first indicates they have no BMW products.  Not so.

PFM, available in the US from EMA

Spiegler - Very good website!!  Brakes for Airheads and older K models.  No K11 or R11. Conversion of existing rotors for about $220. Wuedo used to sell their components but I think that is no longer true.

Wuedo sells Ferodo parts for Airheads and early Ks.

Perry BMW Exchange, (765) 564-6338 sold rebuilt rotors for about $90 as of 1996.