"To provide world class, shaft-driven, travel-experienced, and uniquely capable logistical support services that maximize the enjoyment of adventure touring. We strive to keep our customers on the road to new and different bodies of water around the globe." Yellow Duck Mission
Meredith Hassall - Tires and Logistical Support Anton Largiader - Tour Operator

Ducky in the Americas

Model Munchkin "White Hot" temperature-sensing [alarmist], early model. Ducky
Weight ~4 oz.
Acquired September 2002
Starting miles 0
Current miles unknown

Probably one of the most well-traveled rubber duckies in existence, Ducky has crossed the US and been in three oceans (have you?). His mostly aquatic picture locations are shown on the maps below and the pictures are available here.

North country travels

48-state travels


Ducky's made several trips overseas. We have albums for England and The Continent.

European travels

Ducky Down Under

Gold Coast Gold Coast Interior

The nitty gritty

BlublublubIt's not always fun and games. Ducky has faced grave peril at times, from being buried in the sand in Italy to being lost in lake Tahoe. He puffs up with altitude and can't float straight. His beak has been rubbed raw by careless handling.

Here's another story of seafaring Duckies (there are many similar stories about this event).

Do you have a traveling ducky with stories to tell? If so, have it contact us.

The Yellow Duck Adventure Corporation is always looking for contractor/operators to bring Ducky to bodies of water in unvisited parts of the world, especially in the currently unserved markets of Asia, Africa and South America. If you feel you can safely broaden the traveling horizons of this cheerful adventurer, please furnish us your credentials for review.