These parts are from various bikes that I'm parting out.  No perfect fairing parts are available. Use the link at the bottom of the page to contact me by e-mail. Revised June 2010.


K75 stuff

K75 Standard radiator cover: chip out of rearward point, Astral Blue, $75
Swingarm - black
Brake system stuff (non-ABS) - calipers (front and rear)
K75 electrical stuff: Air meters ($50), ignition brain ($200 - new is $735), FI brain ($400, new is $942), wiring harness for K75 Standard with relay box ($200), handlebar switches ($20 each), coils etc.
Ignition switch with matching lock cylinders for gas tank and low seat - $150
Starter - $60
Alternator - 460W, $100 ($700 new now!!)
Left saddlebag: new style, lid painted matte black. Small crack on a sealing lip and crack in lid, but it's waterproof. $150.
Inner rear fender, coil cover, throttle sleeve, dashboard, and all of the other little things that a motorcycle is made of.

R1100 stuff:

R1100RS ABS unit - known working - $800

Fairing panels, plus shipping:

R1100GS beak, black, nearly perfect - $150
R1100GS front fairing parts - ask
R1100RS side fairing panels, Glacier Green - $125 for both
R1100RT left fairing with cover, Glacier Green, $100
R1100RT nearly all bodywork in Graphite, light damage, free if you pick up
RT shark fins - Graphite, perfect - $90

RT upper triple clamp $200 ($588 new!)
GS upper triple clamp $200 ($588 new)
R1100 driveshaft $300 ($691 new)
Alternator - $200 ($575 new!)
R1100RT wiring harness - $300
R1100RT engine, short block (with pistons & cylinders) - $500

RT seats - Front comfort seat $125, passenger seat $95
R1100GS front seat, small age-related splits but sound, $50


Various calipers, GS Motronic ($600), swingarm, GS fork leg,

Parts for sale