The Largiader Wine Review


(box) Almaden Merlot 12.5%
Not bad, but not as good as the Vella Merlot.

Morassutti (or Movassutti).  12% alcohol.
Thin, tart.  "Not to be repeated."

Walnut Crest.  12% alcohol.
No particular flavor.  No fruitiness.  "Forgettable."

Il Tesoro.  (Daddy bought this once, and you bought it again yesterday.)
Very yellow.  Un-grigio-like. "To be avoided at all costs."

Robert Mondavi.

(Box) Peter Vella Delicious Red. 9.5% (yes, 9.5).
Just don't do it.

Gossamer Bay Pinot Grigio (12.5%)
As insubstantial as its name, despite the alcohol content.
Bland, inoffensive.  Okay in a pinch.


Cortenova (Italy) Pino Grigio 2005 (11.5%) Light, clean.

Hacienda Araucano (Chile) Sauvignon Blanc 2005 (13%) Grapefruit-citrus flavor, crisp.

Beaulieu Vineyard
BV Coastal Estates
2001 Chardonnay  13.5%
Good, not oaky!  Yay!

RED Black Swan Shiraz 2003 (South Austrailia)
Smooth, mellow, fruity, not dry, very drinkable, recommended.

WHITE Torresella Pinot Grigio 2003 (11.5%)
Light, floral, pleasant.
Features a gorgeous Lady Amherst Pheasant on the label.  The LAP is indiginous to the mountains of central and western China.  It reaches 35" long, 20" of which are the tail feathers.

WHITE Mezza Corona Pinot Grigio 2003 (12.5%)
Dry, tangy.  I liked it.  Good with pasta, chicken.

Barboursville Pinot Grigio 2003
Nice!  Fruity yet dry, clean and crisp.

Cavit Pinot Grigio 12%
Nice. A bit smoky.

Ecco Domani Piot Grigio

Fontana Candida 2003
Pleasant, dry.

(box) Franzia Cab/Sauv (12%)
Really, quite OK.

(box) Peter Vella Chablis (9.5% )
Again, not bad.

(box) Peter Vella Merlot (11% )
Better than the Almaden.

Talus Collection, Lodi Pinot Grigio 2004 refreshing, citrus-y

(box) Almaden Chardonnay (12.5% )
Nothing to complain about.

Sartori di Verona Pinot Grigio (12%)
Light but with authority, fruity.
One of the better ones

Tenuta Ca' Bolani Pinot Grigio (12.5%)
Fullbodied, golden in color, good.