A4 Jetta locks (From Joe Romas):
46 indicates you have power windows. It's 35 if you don't. Then, assuming power windows and 4 doors, function 7 and then 04096 is selective unlocking and 04097 is all doors unlock. As I recall that's for when the key is removed. It's 98 and 99 if you have power seats and memory. Then for how the remote works it's function 10. The following channels are 0 or 1.
03 is for auto lock on=1
04 unlock doors when key is removed on=1
05 interior monitoring on=1
06 Unlock, horn sounds on=1
07 lock, horn sounds on=1
08 unlock, flash lights 1=on
09 lock, flash lights 1=on

Possibly applies to 1J0959799AJ

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