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Battery tech

Wheel bolts

Alternator belts (on the RA site)

Aftermarket brake options

Some common BMW special tools

The CAN-Bus system on BMW motorcycles (on the RA site)

Clutch throwout bearings and pushrods, differences from 1970 to 1999

Fuel petcocks Why we don't mourn their loss

Gearing comparisons for different final drive ratios

Group riding (barely embryonic at this point)

Long-distance riding tips (old material from my first 24-hour rally)

Motronic 2.2 notes Fault codes, tuning, etc.

R100GS Driveshaft information

R1100 5-speed Oilhead transmissions different versions, weaknesses, repairs.

Safety switches on your Beemer and why you should fix them

Torque vs. Horsepower An alternative description of how it works

Trailers A reference for people looking for a motorcycle trailer

Wheel balancing equipment

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