Airhead control switches

There are four generation of handlebar control switches used on Airheads



Length Part side Features
230 61 31 1 243 598 L  
61 31 1 243 247 L with headlight control
61 31 1 243 245 R  
380 61 31 1 243 597 L  
61 31 1 243 248 L with headlight control
61 31 1 243 246 R  


With spade connectors

Length Part side Features
230 61 31 1 243 804 L  
61 31 1 243 864 L with headlight control
61 31 1 243 808 R  
380 61 31 1 243 805 L  
61 31 1 243 865 L with headlight control
61 31 1 243 812 R  
520 61 31 1 243 806 L  
61 31 1 243 866 L with headlight control
61 31 1 243 810 R  

With connector blocks, all the same length

Length Part side Features
? 61 31 1 244 418 L  
61 31 1 244 410 L with headlight control
61 31 1 244 420 L G/S and GS*
61 31 1 244 417 R  


Euroswitches for Airheads

I never found good description for Euroswitch wiring so here it is.

US models came with no way to turn the headlight off while riding. The ignition switch controls the headlight and has positions for Off, Park and On. In Park you get eyebrow lamps (RS/RT) or the park bulb in the headlight as well as taillignt, and On gives you full lights. As you can see there is no way to run the engine without lights so many people added the 'European' switch (really the Rest Of World switch) which adds a headlight on/off/park control to the left switch assembly.

Adding the switch for twinshock models

Keep in mind that the On/Off/Park component is entirely separate from the High/Low part.The new switch assembly has the following connections (with the two greens tied together):


Turn signal:


Headlight On/Off/Park

US models came with a wire running from the ignition switch to the headlight relay (the green/white wire if the bike has a remote switch, like on the RS and RT). This wire will be replaced with the green wires from the new switch, so that the ignition feeds the solid green and the green/red goes to the headlight relay.

For RS/RT, the gray wire from the ignition switch runs directly to the eyebrow light, so this will not be controlled with the new headlight switch. For this reason the eyebrow light comes on with the ignition in Park, where the key can be removed. With the ignition in Run, power also goes to the headlight switch.

Needs earlier version of headlight relay if light comes on during cranking?

Switches for Monoshock models

The wires are the same as for the Twinshocks except they are terminated in two connector blocks with 3.5mm terminals. Installing a headlight switch on most models is plug and play. Keep in mind that the G/S, ST, and early GS and early R65 models use a special switch that has dual outputs for the turn signals and cannot accomodate a headlight on/off switch (that function is performed by the ignition switch for those models). With some creative wiring, the 410 switch can be used on any model bike such that the headlight switch controls an accessory.

for 410 and 418


Continuous light
61 31 1 244 418
Switched light
61 31 1 244 410
G/S, GS and R65
61 31 1 244 420
for 420


High/low 1

to HL low

<- same <- same high/low
2 Green x 2
power for FTP and horn
<- same Green
power for FTP
3 White
to HL high
<- same <- same
4 Yellow
jumper to 6
to HL relay
power to hi/lo
5   Gray (park)
to HL relay
front left signal
6 Yellow
jumper to 4
power to HL switch
front right signal
High/low 1 Yellow/white
power to hi/lo
<- same Brown
Horn 2 Green/black
power out to horn
(from Red 2)
<- same Brown/white
switched ground for horn
3 Green/yellow
power in for TS
<- same <- same Turn

left signal

<- same <- same
5 Blue/black
right signal
<- same <- same
Unused 6


Switches for Paralever models

The 1991 and later R100GS, R100R and Mystic used the K-style controls, which have the optional headlight switch on the right switch assembly. Although the switches are identical between the Airheads, 2V K bikes and 4V K bikes, the part numbers are different because the connectors differ.